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Tour departs from The Cork Opera House, Emmett Place. 
Saturdays at 11 am
Look for the Yellow Umbrella

Cork is today a vibrant modern city, and its compact centre is best explored on foot, Join our award winning charming guides for a casual stroll through the streets on our Free Walking Tour and experience the wide streets, narrow laneways, monasteries, historic markets, International festivals, and learn why Cork is called the Rebel County.

Many settlers have influenced the city over time and with a history that dates back to the 7th century when St Finbarr built an abbey in this area, Cork is a cultural gem.  Hear stories of the Viking’s arrival in 820AD who built their own town on an island in the River Lee. The city was surrendered to the English after the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1172AD. Along with the arrival of the Hugonaughts   Cork was an important port throughout its history and in the 18th century, Cork exported large amounts of butter to Britain, the rest of Europe, and North America. Large quantities of beef were also exported with the export of agricultural products during the 19th century, and, from the time of the potato famine,(An Gorta Mor) (1845-1852), onward Cork was the main port for emigrants from Ireland to the USA and other countries, many families return today to discover the birth-place of their ancestors.

Cork Free Walking Tour invites you to immerse yourself in the history of the city along with our local passionate guides on this two hour tour.

Ring of Kerry & Killarney day tour from Cork

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